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How popular is dmoz.org?

We found dmoz.org on 372 keyword phrases in search engine results (Google, Yahoo, Bing). This is great insight into SEO and linking factors that positively and negatively affect dmoz.org and how it ranks for important keywords compared to competing websites.

  • Google PageRank: 8
  • Google Links: 105,000
  • Yahoo Links: 6,710,000
  • Bing Related: 1,870,000
  • Technorati Links: 0
  • Google indexed pages: 2,070,000
  • Subdomains: 7

Rankings(372): Help
65622casino junkets
541mann aimee
386gambling junkets
7spank her ass
65249baby names pronunciation
85kevin maxwell pictures images uk
10vinyl baby dolls
89aol ukraine ladies marriage
2secured debt credit counseling
829beer bottle cap