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Our reports are designed to make link profile management, link building, and reputation monitoring simple and easy. To better understand the information contained in each report as well as the practical application of the data, click on a specific report below.

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Anchor Text

Anchor Text Reports allow you to see all anchor text for links to a site, as well as the distribution of links and number of domains for each. Get a top-level view of all anchor text, drilldown to a Domain Level view, or dig deeper for a URL Level view of each domain. The Anchor Text Report makes it easy to optimize your link profile by fixing "click here" and other bad links, and requesting preferred anchor text from link sources. Anchor Text Reports also help you identify new keyword targets and assess your current keyword strategy by providing a benchmark comparison against your competition.

Beyond its utility as an SEO tool, the Anchor Text Report is also a powerful marketing tool. This report shows you new ways of thinking about and describing content, products, and even brands, based on the perceptions of customers, influencers, and others linking to a site.

The Domain Level view of the Anchor Text Report simplifies the link profile optimization process by quickly identifying who you need to contact to fix bad links or request preferred anchor text. It also provides a top-level perspective of the context in which particular anchor text is used.

The URL Level view of the Anchor Text Report allows you to identify the exact location of the link you want to fix, and to visit each URL directly from the report table. If you want to understand the context in which anchor text is used, the URL Level report is an indispensible research tool.