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round-up1Happy Friday, everybody.

Here’s what we’ve been buzzing about this week:

  • Techdusts reported that WiFi Alliance is putting together a platform that may replace Bluetooth when it comes to peer-to-peer transferring. WiFi Direct should be able to transfer files from one device to another (within 300 feet of each other) over 30x faster than any Bluetooth could. And it should be ready for rollout as early as the beginning of 2010, so look out.
  • According to Kara Swisher’s column on All Things Digital, talks between Twitter and both Microsoft and Google are going down behind closed doors that may result in Twitter actually making a little bit of cash. What’s the method? Data mining. If the deals go down, Microsoft and Google would license a feed through Twitter that would then be integrated into the results of their search engines.
  • iPhone users can now outsource work to Kenyan refugees by tapping into iTunes’ new Give Work app. Companies can send low-level, manageable tasks to Kenyan refugees working in a call center, boosting their economy while maintaining low costs in the process. IPhone users stateside, who are on tap for fact checking and inconsistencies, answer any discrepancies.
  • Livestream has inched closer to the “aesthetically pleasing” side of the spectrum after the video streaming site’s most recent redesign to make the site more socially friendly. Livestream’s channels are now equipped with chat widgets for Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Digg and Delicious. We’re still wondering about the search functionality, though.
  • Ripped straight from the script to Office Space, Gmail Labs drops “Got the Wrong Bob?”, a new feature that questions you when you may have accidentally sent an email to the wrong, well, Bob. The possibilities for when this feature could come in handy are pretty much endless. We just hope you know it’s not foolproof yet.
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