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no-spam-5In Google’s never-ending quest for developing a foolproof organic search algorithm, one of the search engine’s biggest kryptonites  has always been linkspammers loading ranked pages up with unnatural links to sites that either don’t serve any purpose or are in bad web neighborhoods. Obviously Google has worked hard to prevent it, but the web’s a big place, and there’s only so much you can do.

Well, it appears as though Matt Cutts and company are embarking on another initiative to rid search results pages of spammy links, and they’re calling on YOU to help. In a post on Cutts’ personal blog, the Webspam guru has requested that users submit reports on sites with spammy links. Those who want to help out should keep a look out for sites with paid links that pass through PageRank, blog spammers, and guestbook spammers.

While it’s unclear exactly why Cutts and his organic search squad are refocusing their efforts on this initiative now, there has been plenty of speculation floating around the net. The most logical explanation is that Google wants to highly refine their search results and get everything in place for when Caffeine launches.

That said, this will be good news to WhoLinksToMe users who are focused on putting together a reputable link profile. If it works, and we have no idea how successful a largely populace-led initiative like this can be, those with link profiles built the “right way” will find themselves to have a much greater advantage over others. Remember, in the end, cheaters never win.

Those looking to help can report spammy links here.

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